Solvent-free plastic film

High barrier film reel

We produce high barrier films with minimal thickness, drastically reducing waste and ensuring flawless printing. We define new standards by identifying innovative solutions that help hundreds of customers to package their products in the cleanest and safest way.


Laminated film reel

No limits design and fast delivery

We guarantee realistic images, a high degree of details, colour stability in the whole printing runs. We use flexographic printing, able to support 4 Colour printing up to 8 colours and Heptachrome up to 9 colours. We implemented the innovative digital technology that, in addition to ensuring high-resolution printing, allows to significantly reduce production time. We are able to manage even small runs and to deliver our high barrier film in just 2 / 3 weeks.



How we protect your products

High oxygen protection

Adding a layer of EVOH, AL, PA will prolong the shelf-life of your product

High UV protection

Guaranteed bright and vivid colours and product preservation

High anti-fog barrier

Guaranteed clear visibility of your product, free from any condensation


With you at very step

MATERIALS: The right match

We help you with the selection of the ideal material to efficiently protect your product

LAMINATING: Top performance

We always recommend to minimize thickness to achieve efficiency and sustainability

PRE-PRESS: Attention to detail

We work with great care to reproduce required colors, ensuring the best end result


Our commitment to you

DELIVERY: 2 / 3 weeks

Our fast response allows you to reduce your stocks relying on our just-in-time service

AFTER-SALES: There for you

We are by your side to hold you up and running quickly and with ease

RERUNS: Ready to you

All your works are carefully stored enabling a swift process for reruns

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