Heptachrome flexo printing up to 9 colours

Whatever is your colour, you’ll get it!

Heptachrome flexo printing, thanks to 7 fixed colours, ensures brighter and more accurate colours, without adding Pantone colours.

HD printing? That’s our standard

One of the best ways of printing

Using low migration inks and the LED technology we have achieved top press speed, significantly reducing downtime and delivery times. In addition to the improvement of our supply performance, these technologies significantly enhance our printing quality  because inks perfectly adhere to the film.

Details matter

Realistic images and fine details

The result of our innovative investments is an excellent printing quality with vivid colors and high level of clarity even for very small details

70 / 80 lines per cm
Increased color saturation
Smooth gradient transition to zero

Multi color flexo printing

CMYKOGV + 2 additional colours

ACM is the first flexible packaging company in Europe to invest in the LED Heptachrome printing, 
a technology that greatly extends color coverage by adding 3 more colors ( Orange, Green, Violet ) to the standard CMYK palette. The result? More natural and intense colors without the use of diverse Pantone palettes. This innovative printing technology allows us to quickly prepare jobs and setup print, saving time and improving printing quality at the same time.


1. Realistic images, high degree of detail (70/80 lines per cm)
2. Color stability in the whole printing run
3. Color gradient more homogeneous
4. UV rays and abrasion resistance
5. Significant improvement of printing quality
6. Increased color saturation
7. Cost reduction – no need to use Pantone colors
8. Many printing subjects in a single print run
9. Delivery times reduction, even for short runs

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Let your brand shine

Add a touch of elegance to your flexible packaging with gold & silver foils

Gold foil stamping

Graphic ennoblements that enhance details and intensify refined features with gold cold foil printing

Silver foil stamping

Graphic ennoblements that enhance details and intensify refined features with silver cold foil printing

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