03. Laminating area

Maximum performance, minimum thickness

Ultra thin multi layered films

High-quality solvent-free lamination

We ensure the highest barriers against UV rays, oxygen and moisture, with minimum thickness. We employ fully recyclable materials such as PET and we only use solvent-less adhesives. We have created a clean and safe working environment to offer the best to our employees and our customers.


The right structure to protect your product

Our laminated films are provided with high barrier and protection. Each layer of the structure is composed of a specific material that has a particular role and affects the performance of the final product. ACM uses various materials depending on the customer’s specific needs, creating single and multiple layers films, with UV barrier, antifog and EVOH.


Polypropylene extruded ( PPCAST )
Polypropylene coextruded ( PPCOEX )
Polypropylene bioriented ( PPBX )
Polyethylene ( PE ): low, medium and high density
Polyester ( PET )
Bioriented polyamide ( PABX )
Nylon extruded ( PACAST )
Aluminium ( ALU )

High oxygen protection

Adding a layer of EVOH, AL, PA will prolong the shelf-life of your product

High UV protection

Guaranteed long-lasting bright colours and product reservation

High anti-fog barrier

Guaranteed clear visibility of your product, free from any condensation

Our advantage: absence of contamination thanks to the use of solvent-free adhesives

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