Custom packaging solutions


Custom flexible packaging solutions in terms of printing, formats, materials to enhance brands and products’ properties. We identify innovative responses to the new market demands.

Shelf impact

9 color Heptachrome and digital printing to increase your brand and boost your sales

Cost savings

Custom solutions to reduce waste and thickness driving maximum protection


Oxygen, anti-fog, UV barriers to extend shelf life and ensure a longlasting freshness


Green packaging solutions thanks to our solvent-less adhesives and low migration inks

Look matters but so does protection

Food & Beverage

Coffee, snack, confectionery, dried food, condiments, chilled food

Safety along with resistance


Solubles, single serve portions, powdered products

Your ideas coming to life


Liquid and powdered products, single serve and multi use applications

Your full strength packaging


Bar wrap, liquid and powdered functional and nutritional supplements

Why flexible packaging solutions?

Other markets

Custom packaging for hemp and tobacco, chemicals, gardening and industrial products, pet food
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