Digital printing for flexible packaging

An opportunity for everyone, brands and companies

ACM implemented the new exclusive technology of digital printing to respond to the growing production and marketing needs. Today, there’s a real possibility for businesses: small quantity, maximum flexibility to manage products’ lines, and one-to-one customisation.

A printing technology with no limits

Production requirements finally get along with creativity

Same quality, small runs for just in time supplies, and costs reduction thanks to the absence of flexo plates. Digital printing ensures high quantities allowing you to unleash your creativity. You will be able to quickly manage products’ lines, tests, seasonal offers and limited edition.

Today you can opt for digital printing

Extreme customisation

High definition printing, with 97% reproducibility of Pantone colours for perfect aesthetic quality. Guaranteed flawless design, combined with maximum production flexibility and delivery speed.


Many designs, a unique order

Unify diverse designs together to manage the entire range of your products, flavours, lines or models


Packaging suitable for every occasion

You can print seasonal products or promotions, offers, right when the moment has come


Diverse products for each customer

Create thousands graphic variations for your one to one marketing, holidays, corporate event, trade fair


Ready, when you need it

Immediate time to market to manage products launches, printing tests, increase of requests

Discover our printing performance

Innovative printing

In support of personalisation for each customer

Variable data

Managing products’ lines or creating customised packaging for every occasion couldn’t be simpler. Different images and texts on each pack.


A single printing file, endless combinations of customisation! For each consumer, it’s possible to create a packaging – literally – unique.

Mosaic printing technology

One-to-one marketing

Communicate with each consumer with different packaging is finally possible. Mosaic printing guarantees maximum rapidity and simplicity in creation, starting from a single file.

Thousands of combinations
For limited editions and special occasions
Ease of creation and management

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